We are very much looking forward to our One Day Event on Sunday. If you haven’t been to Munstead since Covid, things are going to look a little different to usual as it is set up slightly differently to allow for the Government/BEF Covid regulations. Therefore please read through the information below which will hopefully help you through the day.

It is a little long, but is very important that you read it all and pass it onto any grooms/owners that are coming with you. We are very lucky that we are able to run, but we do need EVERYONE to comply with the current Government Guidelines. PARTICUARLY NO GROUPS OF MORE THAN 6 PEOPLE ANYWHERE ON SITE PLEASE


Please find your individual times and your number here ODE Times (FINAL) Website

And the template for your number here ODE Number Bib

Please locate your number on the spreadsheet and print it off using the template provided. The most important thing is that you print your numbers bold enough so that the jump judges can read it, while you are travelling at speed.

EVH-1 – All competitors are required to complete the Equine Health Declaration prior to the competition. THIS IS MANDATORY TO FILL IN AND MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE BY THE EVENING BEFORE YOU ARE COMPETING. The link for the EVH doc is here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiEdFmxa-f3dOIgr5k1pDxrVVBtbN6E06YBF448fXzCHKAGQ/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0

All competitors horses MUST have been vaccinated against Equine Flu in the last 12 months.

Passports will be spot checked on arrival. No passport no entry

Courses will be available to walk from 2pm - 5pm on Saturday 1st May.

Links to Course Maps can be found below. They are the same as for the BE event at the beginning of April. Flowers, trees and dressings have been added since the course photos were taken.

Times and Distances will be available at the Start Box and Information Unit on the day.

100 course: https://app.crosscountryapp.com/munstead/be100-uch1

90 Course: https://app.crosscountryapp.com/munstead/be90-xt3o

80 Course: https://app.crosscountryapp.com/munstead/be80-y2ws

60 Course: https://app.crosscountryapp.com/munstead/65-xau5


LOCATION – https://what3words.com/rates.event.finesPostcode for SatNav GU7 1XA (and then follow signs)

What3Words is the most accurate. All Lorries and Trailers to approach from the Godalming end of the B2130. PLEASE LOOK AT A MAP BEFORE YOU COME as there are some very narrow lanes which are not suitable for Trailers or Lorries behind Munstead which SatNav/What3Words may try to bring you up. Our actual postcode will not bring you quite to the event so do not use it for SatNav purposes.

You will be checked in at the top of the drive by the house. Please park where you are told. Vehicles must be 5 meters apart. NO CARS WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE LORRY PARK FOR ANY REASON.


One rider and one support per horse.

One owner per horse / Two owners per horse if from the same household.

Young Children connected to horse, rider or owner are welcome to come but must remain under supervision of an adult

As per the BEF resumption Document there is NO secretaries.

If your hat needs tagging please bring it to the information point to be tagged.

We will have strict equine one way systems in place for all three phases. These are shown on the map below and will be well signposted.



Test PC Intro to Dressage 2019 for class 1 PC 70 Test Grassroots 2018 for Class PC80 Test PC 90 Eventing 2013 for Class 3 PC90 Test PC100 Eventing 2015 for Class 4 PC100

Tests can be downloaded for free from https://pcuk.org/sports/dressage/dressage-tests/


When you go into the warm up please make your way to the stewards and check in BEFORE you warm up. Dressage tests may not be called so make sure you learn them No Whips or boots on your horses for the test and BD legal bits only. You can warm up with a whip and boots, just remember to take them off before you go in.


ARRIVE FOR YOUR SHOW JUMPING NO LONGER THAN 20 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TIME. The show jumping is located in a new area down by the Cross Country. There are 2 warmups, one non jumping and one jumping. No more than 10 in the jumping warm up and 30 in the non jumping warm up (which is shared with XC). Please listen to the stewards as they will guide you. Leave the show jumping from the exit and come back to the lorry park on the hedge side of the arena.

ALL GROOMS MUST PROVIDE AND WEAR THEIR OWN GLOVES FOR ADJUSTING PRACTICE FENCES Hand Sanitiser will be available on the entrance to the warm up.

There will be 5 practice fences – one cross pole, one smaller upright, one larger upright, one smaller oxer and one larger oxer. Therefore the jumps shouldn’t need adjusting much.


ARRIVE FOR CROSS COUNTRY WARM UP NO LONGER THAN 20 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TIME. The non jumping warmup is shared with Show Jumping. No more than 30 horses in there at any one time. The XC Jumping Warmup is situated further on towards the Start Box. No more than 10 in there at any one time. Once you have finished your round, please return to your lorry down the left hand side (as you ride) of the middle hedge to your lorry. Please allow 2 meters when passing other horses or people

There has been a recent rule change to allow riders to remount and continue after a fall XC however, for this event, this rule has been revoked and any fallers will have to leave the course and not continue.

MH Photography will be taking photos – https://mhphotos.co.uk/


THERE WILL BE NO SCOREBOARDS. Results will be posted on the Chiddingfold Farmers’ website on Monday 3rd May https://www.chiddingfoldfarmers.com/

Dressage sheets will not be available on the day, but please WhatsApp 07850 485558 your rider name, competitor number and horse name. A photo will be taken of your sheet and sent back to you, or send a SAE to the address below

Prize Givings – There will be no prize-giving’s on the day. If you are lucky enough to be placed 1st – 8th individual or 1st to 6th team and would like your rosette, please send a Stamped Addressed Envelope to:

Mrs Sarah Halsey

4 Redvers Cottages, Wheeler Lane, Witley GU8 5QS

Your rosette will be posted back. Please ensure you have put enough postage on (ie a ‘Large’ Stamp or two normal stamps).

Thank you for making it to the end of this very long email. Most of all don’t forget to enjoy yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all at the weekend.

Sarah and Claire Joint DCs Chiddingfold Farmers’ Pony Club