In this enforced downtime we hope you are keeping busy and enjoying your riding in the sunshine. Below are links to a couple of on line dressage competitions that are being held. I think, for the next few months, that these will become the norm so if you are not particularly into your dressage, now is the time to start as there is little else to ride competitively in.

The Pony Racing Authority also have a few good ideas to try at home to keep the children busy.

the following was suggested by one of our local DC’s and sounds like a lovely idea.

There are a number of children drawing or painting rainbows and placing them in their windows to brighten things up. Someone has suggested Pony Club members could do the same with a rosette and show Pony Club solidarity! If they are creative and need to occupy a little time, a beautiful picture would be ideal, otherwise one of the real things could work too! Pictures could then be shared on the PC website or Facebook page with the following tag #PonyClubCarryOn?

Keep well everyone x